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Justin Carlsbad is a husky, ten-year boy with a problem. Justin's mother is counting on him to keep the farm afloat after the death of his father. But Justin still misses his dad and begins to resent his endless farm chores. One night, Justin has an accident in the hayloft and is knocked unconscious. When Justin wakes up, he is onboard a mighty warship in the land of Vikings. Here, Justin battles the Mighty Nordic Sea Serpent and a band of evil warriors known as The Black Attilas. More importantly, Justin forms a father-son relationship with the leader of the Vikings, Skullgaard the Fierce. Justin's dreams have all come true. But will he ever be able to return to his life on the farm?

Enjoy the below sample chapter:

Oleg and Justin rushed to the side of the ship. An enormous, forked tail rose up and smacked the surface of the water. Justin couldn't recall seeing anything like this on the farm in Indiana.

"That, my friend is the Mighty Nordic Sea Serpent," said Oleg calmly. "It is the fiercest and shrewdest creature in the sea. Legend has it that any man who slays the serpent will be showered with an eternity of riches."

"Is it true? Are we going to find treasure?" asked Justin with excitement.

"We may never find out. No man has ever seen another sunrise after a battle with the serpent," said Oleg.

The lead oarsman stood up and blew an enormous ring-shaped horn. The sound echoed across the water.

Justin shot Oleg a frightful look.

"That is our call to battle. We will wait for Skullgaard," said Oleg.

Justin watched the oarsmen grab their axes and swords. More men appeared from below with slingshots and stones. All the men formed a circle around the front of the ship. Justin and Oleg joined the circle and waited.

Skullgaard emerged from below the ship. He walked briskly toward the circle with his huge axe raised above his head. Justin could see the fury in Skullgaard's eyes. The circle parted and Skullgaard walked into the center of the men.

"We have reached our moment of destiny!" Skullgaard shouted. "Tonight, we will either feast like gods or join the fate of our fallen brothers. We will fight like warriors until the end. This is our Viking duty".

The Vikings let out a mighty war cry. The men could not wait for the battle to begin. They did not have to wait long.

The serpent's tail shot out of the water and struck the side of the ship. Several men were tossed in the water. Skullgaard turned to face his enemy. The battle was underway.

"Show me your face, you coward!" screamed Skullgaard. "I am Skullgaard the Fierce. Victory will be mine."

The serpent rose out of the water to answer the challenge. The creature stretched at least thirty feet in the air. The serpent's tongue danced back and forth out of its terrifying jaws.

"I will slice that tongue out and feed it to the gods!" screamed Skullgaard defiantly. "Come and meet your destiny."

The serpent lifted its razor-like claws out of the water and slammed the ship. The force sent Skullgaard sprawling across the ground. The serpent then raised its head to strike. But this time Skullgaard was ready. He lifted his mighty axe and struck the serpent squarely across its body. But the serpent did not slow down.

Oleg rushed over to Justin.

"Put yourself to good use", he said. Oleg handed Justin a sword. "Remember, go for the eyes".

Justin nodded his head. Was he really about to battle a ferocious sea serpent with a band of Vikings in the middle of the Nordic Sea? But Justin the Magnificent had wished for this life. He prepared for battle.

The serpent continued to swat at the ship. Skullgaard battled the beast heroically. The other Viking men threw stones and shot arrows at the serpent. Oleg darted to the front of the ship and poked at the serpent. The serpent whirled around to face Oleg. But Oleg was much too fast. He circled back around and poked the serpent from the other side.

While Oleg was distracting the serpent, Skullgaard unsheathed his sword. Justin had never seen anything so beautiful in his life. The golden handle glistened in the sunlight. The point of the sword seemed to reach as high as the heavens. Even the Viking men were frozen in awe.

The serpent, however, was not impressed. He wheeled back away from Oleg and swatted Skullgaard back to the deck of the ship.

The serpent slithered toward Skullgaard and danced over his body. Skullgaard was trapped under the serpent's deadly claws. He appeared helpless.

Justin suddenly sprung into action. With all the courage a farm boy from Indiana could muster, he lifted his sword into the air and ran toward the serpent. The serpent swung around to meet him but it was too late. Justin thrust his sword deep in the serpent's side.

The serpent immediately loosened its grip on Skullgaard. Skullgaard did not waste a moment. He raised his mighty sword and shouted at the top of his lungs.

"By the power of Thor, I cast you from these Nordic waters for eternity!"

Skullgaard swiftly stuck his sword deep into the eye of the serpent. The serpent let out a piercing whelp and then fell with a thud to the deck of the ship. With the help of Justin the Magnificent, the Vikings had conquered the Mighty Nordic Sea Serpent.